Mill Rock Island

Mill Rock Island – It has been called “Gateway to Heaven“… and indeed, when you cross the walking bridge to the small Island you will be entering nature which may well be described as heaven. Water is all around offering you views of glorious sun rises and romantic sun sets. You can enjoy the comfortable interiors of your own private retreat, or step into the sea from your ocean deck. Board your own Kayak for an unforgettable trip up the Qoloqolo river to famous Salt Lake- or just read a book on the terrace while listening to the tide come and go. And you are only a short drive away on the new Hibiscus Highway from Bars, Restaurants, Spas, and Savusavu town. A unique experience in Fiji. Upon your wish your neighbors will introduce you to fishing, Copra harvest, Kava drinking, and Lovo feast… among other Fiji cultural experiences.

The Property

  • Unique Freehold Private Island for a Honeymoon Guest Retreat or Private Residence
  • Located 30 km (or 25 min drive) from Savusavu
  • Approved for Hotel License
  • Includes Development Plans for up to 10 Over-the-Water-Bures and Reception
  • Property is within Cell Tower Range for High-Speed Internet Access

The House

  • Open Home Plan with 360° Ocean Views
  • Features a King Size Bed, a Single Divan Bed and Lounge Area with TV/Media
  • Handcrafted Designer Furnishings Throughout
  • Covered Decks and Balcony

The Island Grounds

  • Picturesque White Sand Beaches
  • Hard Coral Base and River-rock Retaining Walls
  • On-site Signs of Island’s ‘Legend of the 2 Lovers’
The Island has solid coral rock formations, tide pools, schools of fish, exotic shells, coconut palms, native bush and a small sandy beach. Snorkel from the ‘Pool Deck’ or kayak from the palm beach…

The Development Plans

  • Includes Development Plans for up to 10 Over-the-Water Bures
  • Protecting Reef, Hard Coral Base and Shallow Water at Low Tide Make Site Excellent for Over-the-Water Construction